3EYE: Festival 23 Fundraiser – April 9th 2016 @ The Eddy, Brighton

The Brighton Faction of Chaos Worship* is sending up a flare to alert spirits to Festival 23: Convergence of Disco’s impending approach this summer. This fun(d)raising party is one of many happenings in the run up to the UK’s first ever Discordian Festival.

It just so happens that April 9th is the 99th day of the year.
This is a 999 emergency party!

*Fuck the Police – but also dress as police*

Bring yo truncheons and yo whistles, bring ‘Do Not Cross’ tape to trample over, bring instruments of chaos… DON’T bring actual police.

Goings on to include Bloom, ZOFFF, 3EYE DJs, a talk by John Higgs author and a very brilliant friend of Puppet Alan Watts! Plus other happenings TBA. Plus probable exciting raffle with superduper prizes!


Donations on the door, suggested £5.

Buy tickets to the actual festival: http://festival23.nutickets.com/16132

*incorporating 3EYE, Future Zen & 1/5th [don’t sweat the stats] of Festival 23

The Edinburgh, 67A Upper Gloucester Rd BN1 3LQ



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