3EYE: Merry Cosmos – 16 December 2016 – The Rosehill Tavern

A festive feast of sounds, words and play beamed in from the psychedelic tundra.

We’d like to welcome you into a feathery star dimension of bells in the void. Sounds unspeakably in the right place. Sounds that are words. Words that are dimensions. Sing-a-long adventures, cuddle playtime, angels and spirims and ghosts. Mycelium flickers building constellations that we BLAST OFF away from gravity, land on a feather bed. It’s snowing in Owold, but ever soooo cosy… and we know… ….that ba-by there’s mold outside…

The Rose Hill Tavern
16th December 2016

6pm – 2am

Check out these videos of the performances filmed by Agata Urbaniak.


Dave Pepper

Shaman Showman. ( A search for freedom gets bendy). We fell in love with the poetics of this spectacular being at Festival 23. http://poetpepper.wixsite.com/mysite

God’s Teeth and The Interstellar Tropics

Drs Karl M V Waugh and James Parsons along with Dolly Turing concoct some far out flowing, merging, drifting… heavy sparse cosmos, with giggles. Inside, outside and over there.

Johanna Bramli

Johanna blends found sounds, drones, DIY noise devices, and harmonised vocals to create melodic, dreamy yet haunting soundscapes. She is one half of motorik pop band Fröst and is interested in exploring the gap between experimental noise and pop. In her solo work, she attempts to bring elements of melodic and pop structures to experimental sounds and textures.


Sally-Shakti Willow & Joe Evans present immersive and mesmerising performances of poetry with mercurial projected images. Both performance and meditation, [Sub]Atomic explore the borders between word & silence, artist & audience, self & other.

Puppet Alan Watts

Future Zen brings Alan Watt’s wisdom to us through his incarnation as a puppet.

“The real you is not a puppet which pushes life around; the real, deep down you is the whole universe.”

Sinatta’s Grotty Grotto

You better watch out……

MOAR inc GAMES and lovely together things

Plus 3EYE’S own phonomancers Ani Ujiik and Dolly Dollycore

Play worlds and decor from Myra Stuart and the 3EYE space gang.

A table full of *our goodies that have been released in this old revolve of the sun*

AND THAT’S STILL NOT ALL! (await details)



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