3EYE DISKO: Death Dance -24th October 2015 @ Sticky Mike’s, Brighton

3EYE Disko : [Death Dance]

This Is A Proper Party. This Is A Cosmic Blow Out. Everyone Welcome: No Dicks.

Rough and tumble acid apocalypse disco to the stars and beyond. Breakcore smashes, primal spinout loops and pop party interventions from Lip Sink and 3EYE hosts Dolly Dollycore and Ani Ujiik.

3EYE Disko launches as a perilous dance through shadows: clashing, destroying, revealing, creeping, creating in the name of and towards what may be thought of as cosmic, final death. Visual powers from Myra Stuart, dress up swap box and SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE from Puppet Alan Watts! PLUS ritual/stuff. As we play, we make it. SO DRESS UP, DANCE, CELEBRATE [death and life]. And/or don’t. Be your wild, queer and beautiful selves. Be what you are tonight.

You’re invited to the party. Join us! Let’s smash up the present to build a new future.

24th October 2015
Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
11pm – 3:30am



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