3EYE LIVE: Cosmik Onion Express 2,91414, Thee Hairee Kuntz, Plurals and Painiak – 18th September 2015 @ The Cowley Club, Brighton

AYEAYEEYE! Live show: 1

A night of exploration, ritual, invocation and playfulness from:

Cozmik Onion Express 2.91414 is a life-long (if my life is long) project since 2006 in London by Taishi Nagasaka aka DJ ONONiiONIONIION.As 2.91414, Taishi: Fat White Family bass guitar on his own experimental sonic adventure, plays Trigger with analogue percussion synths with bass pedals, cassette player, Theremin and possibly italian keybord system 5 with a Danish drummer Jonas plays massive drums to bring you confusion.

Plurals: Heavy drone drifts to space via the shadows. Just returned from 4 hour set at Atlantikwall, Ostend, Belgium.

Thee Hairee Kuntz: All gurlz ritual improvisation troupe in hoods. Play interactions. Ceremonial process. Your Mum.

Painiak are Dr James Parsons on the wild game drums and pals.

Plus 3 EYE DJs Dolly Dolly Spacecore and Ujiik.

18th September 2015
The Cowley Club
8pm – 1am



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